Pangea was a supercontinent that existed during the late Pwleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. It formed approximately 300 million years ago and then began to break apart after about 100 million years. Pangaea was the first reconstructed supercontinent and it was surrounded by a super ocean, known as Panthalassa.

From here the worldview that we have today comes from. The Pangea-Festival includes sport, music, culture and childish. Therefor I did the construction of turning an old military hangar in a area which combines multiple sports and offers space for 3000 people and a huge stage. Next to BMX, skate and dirt bike a 1000000 liter wakeboard pool was the task that I worked on. It took us over one month to build up this dorky plan. But in the end every hour was more than paid back.


Big thanks to everyone who worked on this construction site with me. Next to hard end long working days we always took our time to enjoy it. I really felt like a little child sitting in his room and moving around his toys.

  • Konzeption und Konstruktion
  • Bauleiter
  • Visualisierungen für Präsentationen und PR-Arbeit
  • Video- und Fotografie (Making of, Action, Event)    
Konzipierung des Sport-Hangars
Konzipierung des Sport-Hangars
Generalprobe in Pütnitz
Generalprobe in Pütnitz