Trip to England (11.05.08 - 18.05.08)

When I arrived in BG on monday, I slept the first night in London and went to jb-ski wakeboardcable on tuesday. The cablepark is amazing and has got a lot of huge obstcles. Problem was that I snapped my board after thtree minutes. So Freyja and I drove directly to Exeter were we met the crazy english partystudents for a beerpong-match. With a bad hangover we two sit in the car to cornwall the next day. On Thursday I drove back to Exeter with the train and from there James picked me up for driving the rest of the day to Swansea in Wales, where the BKSA started on friday. It was a lot fun to compete together with the guys from the island in west-europe. The wind blew for 8 meter kites for the last heats on sunday...

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